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Tips on searching

Located at the top of every page there is a box where you can enter words that will pull results from the title as well as from the annotations that we have for each book. Use this for the boradest search.

More Search Options Next to the Keyword Search button at the top of every page.

ISBN--If you know the ISBN of the title you want, enter it with or without dashes.

Author-- Enter either the first or last name (or both) of the author.


Keywords--Enter in word that you think might bring up what you are searching for. This can consist of a word or words in the title.

Exact title-- You must enter the title exactly including any puncuation.

Beggining of title-- Enter the beggining of the title. For instance, you may want to find "In a Sunburned Country". You can just type in In a Sunburned and your title will come up. You can also use this as a looser exact title search and enter "In a Sunburned Country".

Subjects-- You can use this to limit the above search options to only a certain subject.

Publisher-- You can use this to limit the above search options to only a certain publisher.

Tips and Tricks

Let's say that you want to find Chuck Palahniuk's "Survivor". I am assuming here that you have no idea how to spell his last name (I had to look it up to write it above). If you search just Survivor as a keyword search or title keyword you will get a couple of thousand results. You can limit this by searching Author Chuck and Title Survivor and you will immediately find what you are looking for (only one match showing). You also could have done Title Survivor and clicked the exact button to get a small search result (three matches).

The same thing can be done for Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. Author King, Title Dark Tower with the title keywords button clicked.