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Privacy Policy

What the Book? cares deeply about the privacy of the personal information that you provide on our site. In no way, will we ever give out any information to a third party that you provide us. Very rarely, What the Book? may send you emails on specials or changes to the site. Let me repeat, this will be a rare event. We hate Spam just as much as you.

What the Book? may use your searches and purchases to enhance our site. For instance, if many customers search or purchase í░A Short History of Nearly Everythingí▒ we may place that book as a featured book. In no way, will any evidence of you doing this search or purchase be divulged to a third party.

Credit card information provide to our processors is not given to What the Book? We only receive confirmation that the checkout process has been completed. For more information on how the credit card processors might use your information please visit their sites. Paypal. (Korean company to go here) Both of these companies are major credit card processors who have a trusted presence in the internet community.