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I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation[AUDIOBOOK]
Dyer, Wayne W., Twyman, James F. (Author)
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Format: Compact Disc, 1pp.
Date of publication: Mar 01 2012
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN-13: 9781401937645
Dimensions: 12.45 cm. (length) X 14.22 cm. (width) X 1.27 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 68 grams
About the Book
Our home settings are places where we both renew ourselves and develop our closest relationships. The environment for reading, dining, talking, and resting needs to offer a sense of regeneration and renewal. Therefore, the music on this CD provides a range of pieces that are lyrical, rhythmic, and joyful. The volume level will affect how the music sounds to the listener—that is, whether it is used in the foreground or background. You should feel free to change the dynamic as the occasion demands. [Edit review] [Delete review]
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