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Human Trafficking
Cullen-DuPont, Kathryn, Neuwirth, Jessica (Foreword by), Bien-Aime, Taina (Foreword by)
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Format: Hardcover, 350pp.
Date of publication: Jul 01 2009
Publisher: Facts on File
ISBN-13: 9780816075454
Dimensions: 22.86 cm. (length) X 15.49 cm. (width) X 2.79 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 636 grams
This book includes illustrations
About the Book
Human Trafficking provides a thorough and much-needed examination of this controversial and timely topic. It describes the suffering caused by human trafficking as well as the financial, cultural, and other conditions that make trafficking within national borders and between far-flung "origin" and "destination" countries possible. The efforts of the United Nations, national governments, and non-governmental organizations to combat human trafficking are thoroughly discussed, as are efforts to provide direct aid to the individual victims of human trafficking. This new title examines how human trafficking is conducted in the United States, the Netherlands, Nigeria, India, and Belize. Each case study analyzes the patterns of trade and types of exploitation, the reasons countries have failed to halt human trafficking, and the steps taken by governments and organizations to reduce trafficking. [Edit review] [Delete review]
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