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Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America: An Encyclopedia
Gibbon, Guy E.
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Format: Hardcover, 1024pp.
Date of publication: Aug 01 1998
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN-13: 9780815307259
Dimensions: 26.24 cm. (length) X 18.72 cm. (width) X 5.08 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 1902 grams
This book includes illustrations
About the Book
Did prehistoric humans walk to North America from Siberia?
Native Americans used acorns as a major food source, but how did they get rid of the tannic acid which is toxic to humans?
How does radiocarbon dating work and how accurate is it?
How was the myth of the vanished "Mound Builders" laid to rest?
A rich tapestry of data, descriptions, speculations, facts, and theories, the Encyclopedia is the story of terrain-carrying glaciers, vast herds of bisons and wooly mammoths, mummified remains rich in archaeological lore, intricate stone tools, sacred burial grounds, and spectacular dwelling sites. It is the story of hunter-gatherers and nomads who lived in harmony with nature and sometimes left a record of their lives and beliefs in colorful pictograms. And it is the story of tantalizing traces of early cultures and the scientists who do painstaking detective work to give us a fascinating look at our long-vanished predecessors.
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