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Your First 100 Words in Korean Your First 100 Words in Korean: Beginner's Quick & Easy Guide to Demystifying Korean Script Beginner's Quick & Easy Gui
Wightwick, Jane, Wightwick, Jane (Author)
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Format: Paperback, 80pp.
Date of publication: Jan 24 2001
ISBN-13: 9780658011405
Dimensions: 27.76 cm. (length) X 21.49 cm. (width) X 0.64 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 272 grams
This book includes illustrations

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About the Book
"Your First 100 Words in Korean removes all the intimidation from learning a language that uses a non-Roman alphabet or script. Learners are shown how to decipher and read the script while they learn 100 primary Korean words.

Detachable flash cards illustrate each word and make learning simple. Enjoyable games and puzzles—such as word searches and matching exercises—reinforce recognition and reading skills. [Edit review] [Delete review]

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