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The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
Kazhdan, Alexander P.
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Format: Hardcover, 2366pp.
Date of publication: May 02 1991
ISBN-13: 9780195046526
Dimensions: 27.66 cm. (length) X 21.62 cm. (width) X 18.01 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 5543 grams
This book includes illustrations
About the Book
The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium is a three-volume, comprehensive dictionary of Byzantine civilization. The first resource of its kind in the field, it features over 5,000 entries written by an international group of eminent Byzantinists covering all aspects of life in the Byzantine world.
According to Alexander Kazhdan, editor-in-chief of the Dictionary: "Entries on patriarchy and emperors will coexist with entries on surgery and musical instruments. An entry on the cultivation of grain will not only be connected to entries on agriculture and its economics but on diet, the baking of
bread, and the role of bread in this changing society."
Major entries treat such topics as agriculture, art, literature, and politics, while shorter entries examine topics that relate to Byzantium such as the history of Kiev and personalities of ancient and biblical history. Each article is followed by a bibliography, and numerous maps, tables,
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