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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values
Pirsig, Robert M.
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Format: Mass Market Paperbound, 540pp.
Date of publication: Apr 25 2006
Publisher: HarperTorch
ISBN-13: 9780060589462
Dimensions: 17.02 cm. (length) X 10.41 cm. (width) X 3.30 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 272 grams

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Author Note
Robert M. Pirsig was born in 1928 in Minneapolis. He studied chemistry and philosophy (B.A., 1950) and journalism (M.A., 1953) at the University of Minnesota and also attended Benares Hindu University in India where he studied Oriental philosophy. He is also the author of a sequel to this book, entitled Lila. [Edit review] [Delete review]
About the Book
One of the most influential and provocative books of its generation, "Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" continues to attract and inspire readers of all ages with its intriguing blend of ancient and Eastern philosophy, cultural criticism, and scientific inquiry. [Edit review] [Delete review]
From the Publisher

One of the most important and influential books written in the past half-century, Robert M. Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a powerful, moving, and penetrating examination of how we live . . . and a breathtaking meditation on how to live better. Here is the book that transformed a generation: an unforgettable narration of a summer motorcycle trip across America's Northwest, undertaken by a father and his young son. A story of love and fear -- of growth, discovery, and acceptance -- that becomes a profound personal and philosophical odyssey into life's fundamental questions, this uniquely exhilarating modern classic is both touching and transcendent, resonant with the myriad confusions of existence . . . and the small, essential triumphs that propel us forward.

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